SEL/Trauma/Mindfulness Resources

Some General Resources for SEL, Trauma-Sensitive Care, and Mindfulness in Schools

Website Resources:

ACES in Education (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Resources

Adverse Childhood Experiences (The Center for Disease Control -CDC)

ACES Resource Packet (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health)

Care for Teachers (Tish Jennings)

Caring Communities: Linking School Culture and Student Development (Aspen Institute)

Compassionate Schools Project

How to Apply the Brain Science of Resilience to the Classroom

National Council for Behavioral Health Resources

Responsive Classroom

Responsive Classroom: Why Is Everyone So Nice Here (Edutopia)

Social Emotional Learning (Edutopia)

Social Emotional Learning:Why It Matters and How to Foster It

The National Commission on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development (Aspen Institute)

The Brain Basis for Integrated Social, Emotional, and Academic Development (Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Linda Darling-Hammond, Christina Krone – Aspen Institute)

The Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative: Helping Traumatized Children Learn

Trauma Sensitive Schools Are Better Schools (Huffington Post)

Trauma Sensitive School Checklist :Leslie University Center for Special Education

Turnaround for Children (Dr. Pamela Cantor)

What is Social Emotional Learning (


A Call to Connection: Making Childhood Trauma More Personal (Dr. Allison Jackson Tedx)

Breaking the Silence About Childhood Trauma (Dani Bostick, Winchester, Va, Tedx)

Brene Brown on Empathy (RSA)

Brene Brown on Vulnerability (Ted Talk)

Getting Ready: What’s In Store for Us (Dr. Pamela Cantor, Ed Fusion conference keynote)

How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime (Dr. Nadine Burks Ted Talk)

Why We Need Trauma Sensitive Schools (Video)


50 Must-Have Picture Books to Promote Teaching Social-Emotional Skills (We Are Teachers)

Casel’s Curated SEL Book List

Trauma-Sensitive Schools: Learning Communities Transforming Children’s Lives, K-5 (Susan Craig)

The Trauma-Sensitive Classroom (Tish Jennings)

Mindfulness for Teachers Simple Skills for Peace and Productivity in the Classroom (Tish Jennings)