This site provides links to relevant web resources for educators.


Education Week: this site curates teacher blogs that cover a range of topics of interest to teachers. You may need to sign up for access or have a subscription.

Edutopia: this site hosts blogs, videos, and other resources compiled by Edutopia staff, a compilation of case studies of some of the most innovative teachers, schools, and districts in the United States.

Ed Tech Magazine: this site documents numerous ed tech blog sites for 2018.

Feedspot: this site curates math teaching and resource sites for K-12.

Reading Rockets: curated posts focusing on literacy topics and research.

Twitter Chats: this site curates all the major education chats that are scheduled on Twitter.


U.S. Department of Education: this site is maintained by Secretary of Education and includes information that impacts states and localities from the federal level.

Virginia Department of Education Instruction: this site includes Teacher Direct and numerous links to content of interest to teachers and administrators.

Virginia Department of Education Professional Learning Network: this site connects educators in Virginia with school divisions and schools putting promising and best practices into action.

VaSCL Partners and Educational Organizations

Educational Organizations: this site includes major national and state educational organizations and associations.

EF Tours Global Citizen Scholarship Program: EF is a partner to VaSCL and has funded scholarships for international study by educators and students in our member divisions.

VASCD: this is the home site for VASCD, supporting a state-wide network of educators committed to innovation and excellence in teaching and learning.

VASS: this is the home site of the Virginia superintendents association.

VSTE: this is the home site for VSTE, the association for technology and education in Virginia