The Virginia School Consortium for Learning provides a platform for professional learning across seventy school divisions in Virginia. Member divisions’ professional  staff helps to plan opportunities to develop the capacity of educators to implement strategies and practices. The end in mind? We believe that educators committed to improving their expertise make a difference in student learning and performance by any measure.  Providing educators across member divisions with common experiences and opportunities to share with each other amplifies and strengthens our work together. Strong professional practice keeps learners at the center of our work, regardless of their demographics. When learning is personalized for adults, it is more likely to embed in their work as members of professional learning communities. It impacts the outcomes of learners in their classrooms. It leads to stronger professional goal-setting and, when available, participation in reflective coaching.

Assessment, instructional practice, and curriculum implementation form the basis for all professional opportunities available to consortium participants. Building coaching and feedback opportunities following workshop and conference sessions is a critical support structure to increase the likelihood of transfer into practice. Areas of focus in 2018-19 include the following:

  • sustained development of literacy and mathematical thinking
  • implementation of the Profile of a Virginia Graduate model
  • engagement of learners, families, and educators in our school communities
  • support for learners in need of additional support structures to thrive in school
  • formative assessment

The Virginia Consortium for Professional Learning provides access to lifelong learning for educators who want to improve practices that will make a difference for learners they serve.

VaSCL: Leading and Learning Professionally