#VAis4Learners Innovation Network Monthly Cohort Update – March 2020

The Virginia is for Learning Innovation Network Cohort II teams, aka #VaLIN came together on March 2 and 3 to work together for two days in setting the stage activities for designing and implementing edu-innovation from March to January 2021. Thirty-four divisions formed into 28 lead innovation teams from across the Commonwealth. Gena Keller, co-chair of VaLIN, brought a huge bottle of hand sanitizer supplied by her husband who is a primary care physician. Little did we realize how much the lives of Virginia’s young people, educators, families, and communities would change after March 3.

Hand sanitizer has become a metaphor for living and learning remotely, not just in Virginia but across the globe. This is the greatest disruption of public education in history. It is a dangerous time for our families, colleagues, and learners we serve and there families. It is also an opportunity for exponential adult learning among educators. The Network with support from Advanced Learning Partnership is working to keep teams connected and moving forward.  Here’s the March update on cohort activities.

Big picture

What generations have come to understand as ‘school’ is under kinetic and accelerated transformation. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that in the coming weeks and months, we are united with our students, educators, and parents as co-authors of history.

As virtual learning networks activate and expand, many educators lead with selflessness, innovation, and courage. It’s both humbling as well as deeply inspiring to observe our profession catalyze so much positive movement while our country and world adapt.

Our message today is simple and sincere: we stand ready to serve as trusted, flexible partners around needs and on a timeline that matters most to you. Thank you for your commitment to making history, one decision at a time. Please let us know how we can assist in any way, small or large.

Big picture

#VaLIN Cohort 2 Launch - March 2020


#VaLIN Cohort 2 Launch – March 2020

Click to reveal a collection of tweets shared during the two-day launch experience for the 2nd cohort of the Virginia is for Learners Innovation Network (#VaLIN) on March 2-3, 2020, at the Chesterfield Career and Technical Center.
#VaLINchat --A Weekly Supportive Networking Event for Virginia Educators

#VaLINchat –A Weekly Supportive Networking Event for Virginia Educators

When: April 2, 2020, 7:00-8:00 PMWhere: This is an Online Event. Log onto Twitter and search for #VaLINchat



Now, more than ever, we need to connect with one another, learn from each other, commiserate and brainstorm.


#VaLINchat brings together all educational leaders across Virginia. Supported and moderated by the ALP team. For our first chat, the team will develop 6 questions, which will be shared ahead of time. (see below)


On Thursday at 7:00PM log onto Twitter and search for #VaLINchat.

The moderators will post the questions, but feel free to jump right in with an introduction.


Introductions: State your name, role, division and what brings you to our chat tonight.

  1. Share some inspiring examples of educators in your community rising to current challenges.
  2. We know how important it is to attend to our social-emotional needs right now. What’s one way you are prioritizing Maslow over Bloom? For yourself? For those you serve?
  3. Who or what are your go-to resources right now? Share links if you can.
  4. What’s your biggest challenge right now? Pen the title of a resource you need but don’t yet have.
  5. If your time were a pie chart, where are you spending the bulk of your time? (what are the biggest pieces in your pie?)
  6. What do you want to focus on next week/in future chats?

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PD Opportunity: Instructional Design Model for Online and Self-paced Learning


PD Opportunity: Instructional Design Model for Online and Self-paced Learning

Design Challenge: How might we set up a week of student learning? Educators are working around the clock to design meaningful experiences that engage students whether online or off. VaLIN district team members are invited to a Zoom session on Tuesday, April 7th at 10:00 AM to explore one model for instructional design along with numerous SOL-aligned resources that were developed using this process. Although not a requirement for attendance, we hope all participants will bring a lesson to share with our network. Many hands make light work.